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Protoduction 4.0 – Prototype to Mass Production in Weeks

New technologies emerging to skip traditional manufacturing

Price, Utah – Merit3D has created a new program called Protoduction 4.0. We are combining new 3D printers in additive manufacturing with new materials to create improved mass production capabilities. This program is designed to help people mass produce their products using additive manufacturing across the globe. By using these tools, manufacturers can now mass-produce their products easier by skipping overseas inventory purchases, skipping injection molding, and mass-producing their products in weeks instead of months. Merit3D has created three different pathways that will uniquely fit your circumstances to achieve mass production.

Please check out our new home page which guides people through the program.

Path one, “Do Your Own”, helps users build their own prototype in preparation for mass production by giving them resources for learning 3D printing. This enables one to print their own part in “Almost” the EXACT same parameters used for mass production. Customers do their own prototyping, design work, and can utilize Merit3D when ready to mass produce.

Merit3D has partnered with industry leaders to make it easy to get all the tools to make this a seamless process.

Photocentric– Provider of qualified 3D printers and 3D resins
Phrozen– Provider of qualified 3D printers and 3D resins
Henkel Loctite– Provider of high quality 3D resins
BASF Forward AM– Provider of high quality 3D resins
Matter Hackers– Reseller of 3D resins
The Ultimate 3D printing Store– Reseller of 3D printers and 3D resins

Path two, “Let US Help”, uses Merit3D’s services more. Using an instant quote tool, you will begin by uploading your part. The Merit3D team will then help you take it to the finish line. Your part gets an evaluation, design changes are made, prototypes are printed with your guidance and specifications in preparation for mass production by our amazing design and production team. Hit print and your bulk parts order is delivered before you know it.

Path three, “Start From Scratch”, is the most hands-on approach of the three. It enables customers who have an idea, but who do not have design tools available, to see their product become a reality. Merit3D works with you to create the design, print prototypes, and mass produce your product. Still no injection molds involved…

Merit3D has also upgraded their online estimate tool to make the quoting process simple. Customers can now engage with their materials and pricing with greater depth and make more informed decisions when it comes time to mass produce their products.

Merit3D is an additive manufacturer based in Price, Utah. Merit3D is committed to mass production in the USA, thus skipping traditional manufacturing methods like molds, casts, or tools.


600 South Nick Lane, Price, Utah 84501

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