Merit 3D

Case Studies

5.1 - 3D printed Casts

Product Details – Did you know that casts can be made that are washable, breathable and don’t stink? Well now they can! Doctors can scan a broken arm with their iPhone and we can then print the cast for them. Technology is amazing. We have partnered with Exiom and Xkelet to bring 3D technology to the medical industry.

Production Rate- 200 Pieces Per Day

Unit Size – 10in x 4in x 4in

Print Time -2 Hours

Print Resolution – 500 Microns

Units per Print – 8

Material – Biocompatible

Printer – Photocentric Magna

“This was the coolest to have on my arm. I was injured playing football and broke my arm. Merit3D and the local Dr, took care of my arm and placed a very cool looking cast on it.” Craig Olson

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