Merit 3D


1.1 - EZ Level Crown Master - Crown Molding Jig

Product Details – Crown Master Wedges allows installers to cut crown molding right side up – Threads are printed into the model (no need for thread inserts). The old model was produced in China and they were able to reshore the new model to the United States.

Production Rate – Up to 2000 Pieces Per Day

Unit Size – 4in x 8in x 1/2in

Print Time – 16 Hours

Print Resolution – 100 Microns

Units per Print – 60 Units

Material – DL110HB

Printer – Photocentric Magna

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“Before, we had to pay $20,000+ for injeciton molds and had to order thousands! Now, we simply send in our CAD drawings, athe guys at Merit3 go to work, send us back a 3Dversion and once approved… BAM… 2 weeks later we have product! Now, we can order 50 or 5,000 units and our R&D is so quick! Thanks you Craig and everyone else at Merit3D for helping us to keep all of our prodcuts in the US!!!!”

Brooks Courtney-Founder EZ Level

1.2 - EZ Level StudFinder Pro

Product Details – StudFinder-Pro is used to find studs using an evenly distributed magnetic field that creates an 8 inch sweep zone – This previously required more assembly, but is now manufactured in one piece. After print, 4 neodymium magnets are placed in the 4 holes which will find any screw, nail or metal stud on a wall.

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Production Rate -1000 Pieces Per Day

Unit Size – 2in x 10in x 3in

Print Time – 14 Hours

Print Resolution – 100 Microns

Units per Print – 50 Units

Material – DL110HB

Printer – Photocentric Magna

“Working with you through these two designs has been a pleasure. You move quick, you listen, and you deliver. You didn’t give me a 3D version of our product, you gave me ‘artwork’…and that matters a lot to us. You’ve earned the business.”

1.3 - Adhesives Technologies Hanger

Product Details – A hanger for epoxy products is a device or component used to attach the mixing nozzle to the epoxy tube. Merit3D is reshoring the production of the hangers bypassing the injection molding process. Adhesives Technology has currently ordered over 1 million hangers from Merit3D.

Photocentric Case Study

Production Rate – 24000 Pieces Per Day

Unit Size – 1 1/2in x 2 3/4in x 1/4in

Print Time – 225 Minutes

Print Resolution – 250 Microns

Units per Print – 400 Units

Material – BASF EPD 1006

Printer – Photocentric Magna

“3D Merit saved the day with a critical supply chain issue we were having. They quickly designed a 3D prototype with different materials and features for us to evaluate. Within a few weeks we were able to run samples on the line and provide feedback. Great company which delivers what they say and is very responsive. Great partner!” – Peter Zazzaro DOO for Adhesives Technologies Corp.

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