Merit 3D

Return Policy


At Merit3D we are a custom job shop for additively manufactured parts. As we do mass production and not prototyping, we will provide you with a part prior to mass production. This can be a physical, digital or image of the final product. We can provide you with material specs but It is up to you as the customer to test the part for your specific application and make sure it meets your needs with the tolerances of the process printed. We provide opportunities to communicate with our Sales Reps so that your part(s) are designed and manufactured to your expectations.

Due to the nature of Mass Additive Manufacturing, we do not accept returns/ refunds/or replacements once the final print has been confirmed, printed. If a revision is desired from the customer, we can work with you to change to the next revision of your part. Every part will be a little different and it is up to you to make sure our tolerances work for your application. Sometimes visible layer lines are in parts or small defects. These are part of additive and you must make sure our approved part will work for your application.

Under some situations we may choose to replace product but this is rare and the customer should make sure it works prior to ordering large volumes. Under any circumstances you may always contact us Phone- 833-341-2335 or through the contact form on the Merit3D website.