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Additive Manufacturing Services

3D printed parts made in the USA

Your Solution Through Additive Manufacturing

Eliminate Excess Inventory

If you want 1 or 10,000 parts, we additively manufacture the quantity you want. No longer do you have a "minimum run" and we can scale up your production as you grow. This also eliminates the storage space for excess parts. Less storage means more inventory turns per year.

Eliminate Expensive Tooling

Injection molds are expensive. When you build a mold you have to keep the design even though there is a better one for your customers' needs.
Now you don’t need molds. Additive setup time is nothing compared to mold creation. We have invested in versatile equipment to produce your parts so you don’t have to.

Significantly Reduce Development Time

Because there are no injection molds involved or stamps, the part we print as a prototype can actually be the final production part. We call this "Protoduction". Gone are the days that the prototype is "like" production: now it IS the production part. Your design process will go from years to months, which means you can start selling a product and receiving returns much faster.

Bypass Overseas Suppliers

Overseas production takes months to get to your door. Most cases require you to prepay for your inventory. Your money is out of your hands 6 months before you are able to see any kind of return. Tariffs are increasing and relationships with overseas countries are falling apart. We will produce your parts here in the USA as you need them.

What We Do & How We Do It

Merit3D uses developing technologies in additive manufacturing, working with you to bring lower overall cost (no tooling needed), rapid prototyping techniques, faster design cycles, and increased design opportunities to your product. Partner with our team to design and manufacture your part in a matter of weeks, not months or years.

Our Capabilities

Learn more about our additive manufacturing capabilities

Small Polymer Manufacturing

  • Smaller than 4″
  • Black
  • 100 – 1,000 parts per day
  • Quality like PP, ABS, Nylon requirements
  • Oil resistant properties
  • Heat resistant below 160F
  • Level of detail varies
  • Wall thickness 1/8″ – 1/4″
  • Assemblies with few moving parts

Medium Polymer Manufacturing

  • Black
  • PETG material
  • TPU material
  • Up to 5″ – 24″ parts
  • 10 – 50 per day
  • Rough detail

Do you have other requirements?

We have many relationships in the additive manufacturing industry. If you have a mass production need, we can work with our contacts and see if their equipment can meet your application.

Other Services

Check out the additional services we provide: Engineering, Prototyping, and Assembly


We can help with DFAM (Designed for Additive Manufacturing) so it is easier to manufacture.


Although we specialize in cost-effective, mass-production durable parts, we do print prototypes as well.


We can assemble your components on location, in Utah, USA.