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Mass Production Using New Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Protoduction 4.0

Our unique system of product development to production is completely designed to make YOUR experience as easy and tailored as possible. We are taking the guessing game out of protype to production by making the prototype the EXACT same product at the mass produced item. That’s what protoduction 4.0 is…

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Committed to Mass Production. Choose your path below!

Path 1

Test your own product while creating design iterations and material testing to utilize your team!

Path 2

Need some help? Bring your product to us for help with design and testing before mass manufacturing!

Path 3

Have an Idea? Have us produce your part from scratch! From creating a design, to mass manufacturing!

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Common Concerns For Mass Production In Additive Manufacturing




How We Can Help

Merit3D uses developing technologies in additive manufacturing, working with you to bring lower overall cost (no tooling needed), rapid “protoduction” techniques, faster design cycles, and increased design opportunities to your product. Partner with our team to design and manufacture your part in a matter of weeks, not months or years.

These parts all skipped the overseas process and got mass manufacturing is WEEKS!